Motion for Pre-Confirmation Wage Order

Motion for Pre-Confirmation Wage Order

The trustee strongly recommends you consider with your clients filing a pre-confirmation wage motion.  

This is best manner to ensure your payments are made and will help move the case to confirmation and the payment of your attorneys’ fees.  While it is in everyone's best interest that all debtors who are employed make their Chapter 13 plan payments by payroll deduction, there are debtors who have income other than wages who cannot have a wage order in their case.

The Trustee is asking all Debtors who must make direct plan payments to use the online payment option which is available

Please note that when debtors mail payments that sometimes the payments are not received timely. This can cause issues in the case and from counsel's standpoint it can result in a delay in processing attorney fees. If payments are received late counsel will not receive those payments for an additional 30 or 60 days. The online payment option updates nightly and is posted to the case the next day.

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